I originally heard this track as the intro to Pirupa‘s guest mix on SoulGood 495, which actually turned out to be incredible.

I was immediately grabbed by the vocals in the track.  It reminded me of Carlo Lio‘s demonic sound and I instantly wanted this track badly!  I looked around afterwards only to realise I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I was hunting for this track for about three weeks when I was lucky enough to hear Nathan Barato playing it out at an after hours.  I asked him what the track was, and he was kind enough to share the info with me.

This track’s got a tremendous lengthy buildup and when the pressure finally releases it pounds SO hard.  Monster track, huge sound, easily five stars for any DJ.  Your welcome.

Check it out and buy it HERE.


Balance 021 mixed by Nic Fanciulli is aptly named, as it’s one of the most well balanced house mixes I’ve heard in a while.

Lots of sexy straight up house grooves, it plunges into the deep once in a while, only to heat things up again with some disco vibes that make you want to get up and move.  Some of the darker tracks in this mix could rock any after hours club to it’s foundation.

Notable tracks in this mix include Bounce To This by Ray Okpara, previously reviewed here.  Movin’ On by Nic Fanciulli is brings some of the more upbeat energy into the mix.  Matters by &ME pulls you deep into the underground, with a heavy break down narrated by some kick ass vocals.  This track sets the pace for the rest of mix to get evil.

Some other great Nic Fanciulli tracks in this mix include his remix of Definition by Loco Dice, with a perfect drum loop, this track has been a favourite of mine for a long time now.  I didn’t think anybody but Dubfire could do justice to Radio Slave‘s Grindhouse until Nic Fanciulli proved me wrong with his remix.  Hear Me Out the Nikola Gala Remix brings the very end of the mix down to a more even-tempered level, although I stil strongly prefer the Original Mix by Nic Fanciulli and Gary Beck.

I’d highly recommend listening to this mix all the way through and letting Nic Fanciulli take you on a journey through house.

You can listen to a preview of the mix here: CD 1 | CD 2

CD 1: Balance
1. Luca & Bruno – Raindrops Intro
2. Maya Jane Coles – Something In The Air [Hypercolour]
3. SIS – Break Down [Cocoon Recordings]
4. DifferentME – Back To Tomorrow [Deleted]
5. Iron Curtis – Goma [Kolour Recordings Digital]
6. Eastmen – U Dig (Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix) [Soma Records]
7. Jae B – Vibe [petFood]
8. NTFO, Rhadow – Roots [Sinetope Digital]
9. Franck Roger, Mendel Turner – After All [Real Tone Records]
10. Oscar Offerman – Only My Shorts [WHITE MUSIC]
11. &ME – Purple Rain [Keinemusik]
12. Ray Okpara (Feat. Obi Jazz) – Bounce To This [Mobilee Records]
13. And.Id – Need For Chicago [2020Vision]
14. SLG – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco (Feat. Smolny) [Pets Recordings]
15. Joris Voorn – Spank The Maid [Rejected]
16. Nic Fanciulli – Movin’ On [Rejected]
17. Pol_On – Heavy Rain [Systematic Recordings]
18. Lovebirds – The Beast [Liebe Detail]
19. Quell – Joy [These Days]
20. Ricardo Villalobos, Jay Haze – Fenlow (Haze’s 2011 Re-Rub) [Contexterrior]
21. Efron, Piek – Vous Etes Fou [Inmotion Music]
22. Anonym – If Every Day Was A Sunny Day [Bass Culture Records]
23. Humano – Life [Music Man Records]
24. Vernon Bara, Igor Vincente – Don’t Feel No Way [Visionquest]
25. Martin Eyerer, Glimpse – Southern Soul (Jay Shepheard Remix) [Buzzin’ Fly Records]
26. Marco Basanov – Up [Needwant]
27. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance [FXHE Records]

CD 2: Saved
1. Gianni Callipari – Whybee
2. Simon Baker & Robert James – All Of A Sudden
3. Guti, Livio & Roby – We Are
4. Samu.l – Forgiven
5. Mark Broom – Jackpot (Robert James Remix)
6. Subb-an – This Place
7. Philip Bader, Andrea Oliva – Girls
8. Emerson Todd – Haere Mai
9. &ME – Matters
10. Robert Dietz – Bingo Wings
11. Nic Fanciulli, Stacey Pullen – Limmo (Robert Dietz Remix)
12. Philip Bader – Amir Loves You (Nic Fanciulli & Davide Squillace Remix)
13. Clio – Bad Boy
14. Harvey McKay – Showface (Acapella)
15. Alex Tepper – Feng Shoe
16. Boris Ross & Jeff Moore – Golden Dreams
17. Nic Fanciulli – Wild
18. Loco Dice – Definition (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
19. Winx vs. Nic Fanciulli – Don’t Laugh (2012 Remix)
20. Clio – Mister Nice
21. Nic Fanciulli, Rolando – The Test (Paul Ritch Funky Mix)
22. Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
23. Hollen, Pirupa – Black Fusion
24. Nic Fanciulli, Gary Beck – Hear Me Out (Nikola Gala Remix)
25. Chiapet – Westworld (Skylark Remix)
26. Mark Fanciulli – Sacrifice

Buy it HERE

While listening to Sharam‘s Wildcast I was smacked in the face with one of the sickest darkest beats I’ve heard in a long time.

As I scrambled for my iPod to find out who made such a sexy beast I was pleased to see it was none other than The Junkies.  Soon after I thought to myself, why am I surprised?  These guys have been pumping out monstrous tunes consistently for a long time now, and they show no signs of letting up.

It brings me such great joy to have such amazing talent right here in my own backyard (Toronto, Canada).  Although I can’t see these guys sticking around here for long, as they’ve recently been out to the US, Mexico, and various countries in Europe on tour.

I see nothing but a bright future and big things for these guys.  Keep an eye out for them coming out to your town, and don’t miss the chance to watch them destroy a club with their dark thuggish beats.

Check it out and buy it HERE.

Heard this face-melting beat on Nic Fanciulli‘s mix Balance 021 and I just had to know what it was called and who it was by.

I was happy to discover both a new producer and record label for my watch list.  This rugged track is the work of Ray Okpara and it’s out on Mobilee Records.  Which I’ve quickly discovered is home to a vast array of great original sounding house and techno beats.  I’d highly recommend checking them out!

While this track may be a little too hip-hop for some of you house heads out there, I find the beat is heavy and twisted enough to more than make up for it.  Definitely a head-scratcher that will add an interesting sound to your mix.

Check it out and buy it HERE.

Randomly stumbled upon this gem in my SoundCloud dashboard the other day.

Packing all the essential elements that make this one an instant Rawthentic classic.  Sick and twisted vocals, trippy soundFX, bumping low end bass with that up tempo vibe, and an all around gangster feel.

I’ve never heard of Darlyn Vlys until hearing this bumpin’ tune.  But definitely I’ll be digging through his Beatport and SoundCloud page and keeping my eye on his future releases now.

Check it out and buy it HERE.

For just over two years now SoulGood has easily been my favorite podcast and best resource for checking out the latest tracks.

Mixed by Bill Fragos, SoulGood covers a wide range of house music styles.  The episode usually starts on the deeper side of things.  Working its way up to some of the more techy, tribal sounds.  At times Bill gets down with some disco and progressive house, but never too much that it gets obnoxious.  The show always seems to have a chill vibe to it.

The guest mixers are never a disappointment.  Each week I’m happy to hear a mix by one of my favorite DJs, otherwise I’m delighted to discover another great mixer to add to my list of artists to watch.

Exacta provides the final fifteen minutes of the mix each week.   I always love the deep, funky underground beats he throws down.  My only criticism is that it seems him and Bill work quite closely.  Yet, it’s a mystery to me why half the time Exacta’s final fifteen track list cannot be found on the website!

Speaking of track lists the beginning half of the show (Bill’s mix) can always be found here, which is extremely helpful and appreciated by all DJs listening to the show.  The best feeling is when I hear a track on SoulGood that I’ve already collected for myself.  It reaffirms my faith in the track, because I trust Bill’s taste to be on point.

SoulGood is responsible for a huge portion of my house music knowledge and many of the discoveries I have made over the years.  Including the likes of Coqui Selection, D.Ramirez, NiCe7, and Stefano Noferini, whose tracks are regularly featured on the show.  I’m confident that this podcast will continue to be an essential tool in my hunt for the best beats for me for years to come.

Recently passing it’s 500th episode, I’d like to congratulate and thank Bill Fragos for doing his thing each and every week.  Keeping it locked on SoulGood!

Subscribe to SoulGood on iTunes.

In an attempt to scratch the itch I’ve had lately to get my hands on a copy of Carlo Lio’s new mix SCI+TEC - Past, Present, Future Vol. 2 I ended up checking out Dubfire’s past instalment of the series.

Being a huge supporter of Carlo Lio and having a hard time finding mixes by him, satisfying this craving was no small task.  However, Dubfire stepped up, delivering one of the most mind blowing, glitchy, futuristic, high tempo mixes I’ve ever heard!

Despite the fact that this mix came out in 2009 it sounds as if it’s due to release in 2015.  It encompasses a wide range of feeling and atmosphere.   The drums and low ends are laid on thick and heavy, dare I say downright tribal at times, then somehow it works its way back to the signature futuristic techy sound of SCI+TEC Digital Audio.

The most interesting track in the mix was definitely Roboters by Joseph Capriati it left me scratching my head as to how a producer could possibly conjure up those sounds.  It’s great to hear stuff like that, so different and so good at the same time!

The end of the mix takes a turn into the depths of hell as creepy voices and sinister sounds bring you into Dubfire’s dark world of techno.  Truly the devil’s music.  I mean that in a good way.

Give it a listen: Dubfire Presents - SCI+TEC - Past, Present, Future Vol. 1

  1. Zoo Brazil - Your Way
  2. Delete - Flight Schedule
  3. Uto Karem - Trentatre
  4. Gaetano Parisio - Partenope
  5. Paul Ritch - Crazy Madness [Luca Bacchetti Remix]
  6. Davide Squillace & Michele Tabucci - One Lobster, Please [Mathias Kaden's Gambass Remix]
  7. Plasmic Honey - Jungle
  8. Mutant Clan - Inside
  9. Joseph Capriati - Roboters
  10. Reset Robot - Pig Nose
  11. Rocha & Lewinger - Santiago
  12. Federico Grazzini & Alex Neri - Habla
  13. Simi - Undernaples [Remix]
  14. Shin Nishimura - Frustration [A. Mochi Remix]
  15. Patrick Lindsey - What Is This?
  16. Maurizio & Danyelino - Adenine [Paul Ritch Remix]
  17. Sian - Skeleton [Pan Pot Remix]
  18. Paul Ritch - Aquarel
  19. Christian Smith & John Selway - Push Factor
  20. Steve Mac - Gotta Have Fun [Prudo Remix / Original]
  21. Steve Lawler - 21st Century Ketchup [TG's Less K Remix]
  22. Rino Cerrone - Moment
  23. Dubfire - I Feel Speed [Audion Remix]

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