Progressive House

For just over two years now SoulGood has easily been my favorite podcast and best resource for checking out the latest tracks.

Mixed by Bill Fragos, SoulGood covers a wide range of house music styles.  The episode usually starts on the deeper side of things.  Working its way up to some of the more techy, tribal sounds.  At times Bill gets down with some disco and progressive house, but never too much that it gets obnoxious.  The show always seems to have a chill vibe to it.

The guest mixers are never a disappointment.  Each week I’m happy to hear a mix by one of my favorite DJs, otherwise I’m delighted to discover another great mixer to add to my list of artists to watch.

Exacta provides the final fifteen minutes of the mix each week.   I always love the deep, funky underground beats he throws down.  My only criticism is that it seems him and Bill work quite closely.  Yet, it’s a mystery to me why half the time Exacta’s final fifteen track list cannot be found on the website!

Speaking of track lists the beginning half of the show (Bill’s mix) can always be found here, which is extremely helpful and appreciated by all DJs listening to the show.  The best feeling is when I hear a track on SoulGood that I’ve already collected for myself.  It reaffirms my faith in the track, because I trust Bill’s taste to be on point.

SoulGood is responsible for a huge portion of my house music knowledge and many of the discoveries I have made over the years.  Including the likes of Coqui Selection, D.Ramirez, NiCe7, and Stefano Noferini, whose tracks are regularly featured on the show.  I’m confident that this podcast will continue to be an essential tool in my hunt for the best beats for me for years to come.

Recently passing it’s 500th episode, I’d like to congratulate and thank Bill Fragos for doing his thing each and every week.  Keeping it locked on SoulGood!

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