Randomly stumbled upon this gem in my SoundCloud dashboard the other day.

Packing all the essential elements that make this one an instant Rawthentic classic.  Sick and twisted vocals, trippy soundFX, bumping low end bass with that up tempo vibe, and an all around gangster feel.

I’ve never heard of Darlyn Vlys until hearing this bumpin’ tune.  But definitely I’ll be digging through his Beatport and SoundCloud page and keeping my eye on his future releases now.

Check it out and buy it HERE.


In an attempt to scratch the itch I’ve had lately to get my hands on a copy of Carlo Lio’s new mix SCI+TEC - Past, Present, Future Vol. 2 I ended up checking out Dubfire’s past instalment of the series.

Being a huge supporter of Carlo Lio and having a hard time finding mixes by him, satisfying this craving was no small task.  However, Dubfire stepped up, delivering one of the most mind blowing, glitchy, futuristic, high tempo mixes I’ve ever heard!

Despite the fact that this mix came out in 2009 it sounds as if it’s due to release in 2015.  It encompasses a wide range of feeling and atmosphere.   The drums and low ends are laid on thick and heavy, dare I say downright tribal at times, then somehow it works its way back to the signature futuristic techy sound of SCI+TEC Digital Audio.

The most interesting track in the mix was definitely Roboters by Joseph Capriati it left me scratching my head as to how a producer could possibly conjure up those sounds.  It’s great to hear stuff like that, so different and so good at the same time!

The end of the mix takes a turn into the depths of hell as creepy voices and sinister sounds bring you into Dubfire’s dark world of techno.  Truly the devil’s music.  I mean that in a good way.

Give it a listen: Dubfire Presents - SCI+TEC - Past, Present, Future Vol. 1

  1. Zoo Brazil - Your Way
  2. Delete - Flight Schedule
  3. Uto Karem - Trentatre
  4. Gaetano Parisio - Partenope
  5. Paul Ritch - Crazy Madness [Luca Bacchetti Remix]
  6. Davide Squillace & Michele Tabucci - One Lobster, Please [Mathias Kaden's Gambass Remix]
  7. Plasmic Honey - Jungle
  8. Mutant Clan - Inside
  9. Joseph Capriati - Roboters
  10. Reset Robot - Pig Nose
  11. Rocha & Lewinger - Santiago
  12. Federico Grazzini & Alex Neri - Habla
  13. Simi - Undernaples [Remix]
  14. Shin Nishimura - Frustration [A. Mochi Remix]
  15. Patrick Lindsey - What Is This?
  16. Maurizio & Danyelino - Adenine [Paul Ritch Remix]
  17. Sian - Skeleton [Pan Pot Remix]
  18. Paul Ritch - Aquarel
  19. Christian Smith & John Selway - Push Factor
  20. Steve Mac - Gotta Have Fun [Prudo Remix / Original]
  21. Steve Lawler - 21st Century Ketchup [TG's Less K Remix]
  22. Rino Cerrone - Moment
  23. Dubfire - I Feel Speed [Audion Remix]

Buy it HERE